About Krishna Ajvalia

During his career in aeronautics, Krishna Ajvalia has filled an assortment of positions at some of the nation’s most popular airports and aviation facilities. Krishna Ajvalia earned a noise abatement internship at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Krishna Ajvalia worked closely with qualified personnel to learn about Teterboro’s noise monitoring system, and compiled various data before analyzing it. Other duties performed by Krishna Ajvalia included helping to mandate new procedures and aircraft routes.

Krishna Ajvalia was honored to  serve two dispatch internships with Teterboro Airport between  1999 and 2000. Studying under the dispatch team, Krishna Ajvalia managed flight movements with the goal of completion with maximum safety. Following the conclusion of his first dispatch internship in September 1999, Krishna Ajvalia was contracted by Jet Center, which is located in Daytona Beach. Working as a fuel truck operator, Krishna Ajvalia was in charge of refueling ERAU aircraft such as the C172, PA28, PA44, and M20J.

While gaining practical experience in his chosen field, Krishna Ajvalia attended classes at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Beyond the immense amount of tests, homework, and studies required of his aeronautical science major, Krishna Ajvalia added studies in dispatch and air traffic control to his course load and won a variety of speech and essay competition awards. In spring 2001, Krishna Ajvalia graduated from Embry-Riddle with a Bachelor of Science, which led to his employment at Air Fleet Training Systems in Teterboro in February 2002. As an Air Fleet employee, Krishna Ajvalia trained students in teamwork skills in the facility’s training area. Krishna Ajvalia was also responsible for the conservation of Part 141 and Part 61 student records.

Augmenting Krishna Ajvalia’s aeronautical science skill set are a deep familiarity with computer hardware and software, Class 1 Medical and Aircraft Dispatcher certificates, and an FCC Radio Operator’s license.


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